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Going Nonstop For Health And Safety

We care about our Nonstop family of team members and community deeply and want our customers to feel confident that as a subsidiary of Allegiant (major domestic air carrier) – our parent company that we closely monitor government policy changes, CDC guidelines, state mandates and public health wellness for your health and safety. We will continue to make updates and changes to any procedures or protocols as necessary or mandated to ensure your health and our customers’ safety is not compromised while having FUN. We are “Going Nonstop for your Health & Safety”!


  • Require mandatory health and safety COVID-19 training for all employees prior to their return to work
  • Conduct wellness and temperature checks for employees prior to the start of shift and prohibit any employee who has reported they are sick from coming to work
  • Encourage employees who ride public transportation to wear PPE, and sanitize surfaces
  • PPE - Require protective face masks for employees to wear during his/her shift (employer will be providing) in addition based upon his/her roles, gloves will be provided
  • Clean and disinfect door handles, tables, counters, and common areas in the break rooms, offices and storage rooms on a frequent/scheduled basis


  • Reduce daily attendance capacity to ensure adequate distancing (occupancy maybe mandated by State of MI)
  • Maintain and manage social distancing; a 6 feet minimum distance which may include line queuing outside prior to building/front desk check-in
  • Add additional hand sanitizer at countertops including plexiglass shields to reduce close interactions while making transactions
  • Encourage customers to follow state regulations for all large groups to wear protective face masks upon entering Nonstop for fun
  • Clean and disinfect doors, door handles, and countertops every hour


  • Place signage throughout the store as a reminder with new health and safety guidelines
  • Place floor markers for customers ensuring the 6ft distancing at kiosk, games, etc.
  • Implement one-way traffic line for attractions such as Go-Carts, Laser tag, VR Lounge, Mini Golf & Climbing wall
  • Ensure tables in large areas of seating are not moved by customers and/or employees without adhering to the 6-foot distancing minimum mandate
  • Monitor customers that may gather in close proximities and separate them when deemed necessary for adherence
  • Reduce bar stool count to provide appropriate physical distancing


  • Clean and maintain restrooms with a 6 feet minimum distance for social distancing hand washing (taping off every other sink washing station)
  • Assign & schedule team members to sanitize restrooms and floor games every hour of operation
  • Ensure all cleaning and sanitization products used in-store are EPA registered and endorsed for use against the Coronavirus by the CDC


  • Add hand sanitizer stations at each attraction for application pre & post-play/ride
  • Install markers throughout rides and queues to maintain 6 feet minimum distance
  • Instruct Go Cart riders, Mini Golf, Laser Tag family groups to wait together and utilize pagers for calling to the attraction for safe riding
  • Assign bowling lanes with social distancing; allowing every other lane to operate and disinfect immediately after use (customers to leave balls/shoes at the lane)
  • Clean and disinfect ride vehicles, queue railings, booths/chairs, and touchpoints on a frequent basis
  • Mini Golf and Laser Tag immediate sanitized after each use
  • Adhere to manufacturer COVID-19 cleaning procedures for VR attractions


  • Modify table seating area to maintain 6-feet distancing between groups w/no more than 10 people to a table at any time (state mandate)
  • Utilize digital, throw away and/or recyclable menus
  • Serve more premade or prepackaged food in individual containers or wrap
  • Reduce unnecessary contact during food delivery; team members to wear gloves at all times in kitchen food prep
  • Close condiment stations to limit touch points and provide individual condiment packets upon request
  • Install plexiglass shields at cashier counter
  • Clean and disinfect tables, chairs, bar and bar stools at minimum each hour
  • Drink/beverage service in containers with lid or coverings and straws to be wrapped
  • Utensils pre-packed disposable only upon request
  • Scheduled break in food service to allow a mid-day deep sanitation cleaning


  • Customers will be encouraged to minimize cash handling by utilizing credit/debit card payments on the website prior to store visit
  • Cash is not to be passed from customer to team member by hand but placed on the counter during the exchange. Change will be provided in same manner from the team member to the customer and the counter will be wiped cleaned after each transaction
  • Hand sanitizer is to be used in between each customer transaction. Gloves are optional for the team member and will be supplied upon request
  • Kiosks used for game card transactions are to be wiped and cleaned each hour


By entering Allegiant nonstop family entertainment center, and its surrounding premises and parking areas, you are voluntarily assuming all risks of exposure to COVID – 19.

  • COVID – 19 is a contagious virus that can lead to illness or death.
  • There is a risk of exposure to the COVID -19 virus in places where people are present.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older adults and people with underlying medical conditions are at greatest risk for developing complications from COVID-19.
  • For Information about COVID-19 can be obtained at or your state or local public health agencies.

We have instituted additional cleaning and other measures at our facilities. You must follow all posted instructions while on-premises and in our facilities.