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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there an entry fee?
There is no entry fee. You can come in and check out the center prior to making a purchase if you like. You then go up to the front desk, get a game card, and purchase either a pass, package or load it up with money. From there, you go up to the game or attraction you would like to play, tap your card for payment, and play away the day!

Where can I find pricing?
You can find general pricing for each center on the location-specific pages. Click HERE for Warren pricing. Click HERE for Clearfield pricing. You can find party pricing HERE.

Do I need a certain type of footwear to participate?
Please refer to each attraction page for information on the safety parameters that have been set in place for those specific attractions. Closed toed shoes are required for our go-karts, bumper cars and rock wall. You can also go to our safety page and view all of the safety requirements.

Do I have to fill out a waiver?
Yes, we have waivers online here for you to fill out or you can do them at our kiosks within the center.

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes, we have one located at our front desk. Ask any team member and they will assist you.

Do you have a member rewards program?
Yes, we have the Allegiant nonstop high flyers program. You can learn about that here.

Can I bring my service animal in?
Yes, they must be wearing their service animal vest.

Can I use my game card at all of your nonstop locations?
Yes, your game card is valid at any nonstop location. However, certain locations have different pricing. Make sure to check the location-specific pricing prior to visiting another location.

How do I check how many points I have on my card?
There are also kiosks around the Allegiant nonstop centers for you to check or a team member will be able to check for you as well.

Do you have a gift store where I can purchase Allegiant nonstop branded items?
You can visit our Nonstop Prizes redemption area for all purchasable items including Allegiant nonstop branded items.

Can I earn Allegiant Air miles through nonstop points?
Yes, when you use your Allegiant Mastercard at Allegiant nonstop you earn 3x the points toward your miles.

Where do I buy gift cards?
Gift cards are available to purchase in-store only. Gift cards do not have an expiration date and are non-refundable.

Do minors need to be accompanied by a parent?
Yes. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Also, in Warren, after 10pm everyone under the age of 18 must remain next to their legal guardian at all times, in accordance with Warren’s minor curfew law.

Is there an age limit for the toddler area?
The age limit for the toddler area is 10 although exceptions can be made depending on the situation. Adults are asked to remain in the area while their children are in the toddler zone. No child must be left unattended in the toddler area. Socks must be worn in the toddler area by children and adults that accompany a child in the toddler area. You can purchase socks from our bowling counter or the front desk for $1.00+tax.

How do I book a flight on Allegiant?
You will want to navigate to to book a flight, change your preferred passenger number, add bags to your reservation, or edit your seat assignment.

Do you provide donations for local groups to use for raffles?
Yes, we have you fill out a form and then management reviews the request. We typically donate a family four pack which includes; 2 cheese pizzas, 4 attractions and 4 sodas. You may email and to inquire about the donations form.

My child is special needs. What accommodations do you have for my child?
We do have a quiet lounge, in certain locations, toddler play area, family style restrooms and individual party rooms that are all made to accommodate for special needs children.

Is there free Wi-Fi?
Yes, each center has free Wi-Fi. You will just need to provide your name, email and birthday to connect.

Eat & Drink

What kind of adult and children beverages do you serve?
In Clearfield we have a soda bar where you can have your own creations mixed up. There is also an adult-only area where we have both soda and adult beverages. In Warren, we have a full-service bar that showcases many televisions so you can watch your favorite teams as you sip on your adult beverage of choice.

What type of Food do you offer?
We have a restaurant that offers build-your-own pizzas as well as snacks like pretzels, corn dogs, fries etc. In certain locations you will also find packaged eats at the snack bar.

What gluten-free and/of dairy-free options do you offer?
In Utah, we offer a cauliflower crust for our pizzas and we can make our house salad dairy-free as well as gluten-free. In Michigan, our house salad can be made to order as gluten-free and dairy-free. Please let the cashier at the restaurant know if it is a preference or an allergy.

Parties & Events

How do I book a birthday party?
You can book a party online by clicking here or by filling out the form here.

You can also book by calling: Warren – 586-510-1666 and press 2. Clearfield – 801-416-2388 and press 2.

Party reservations must be reserved at least 72 hours prior to the event date.

Do you offer refunds for parties?
All party purchases made are non-refundable.

How early can I come prior to the start of my party?
As the host of your party, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your party time.

Can I extend my time in the party bay/room on the day of my party?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that another guest hasn’t booked that party bay/room so you cannot extend your time in the party room.

Can I have a walk-in party?
You are welcome to bring your party in and decorate a table. We do not allow confetti to be put out. We do not guarantee space for walk-in parties and cannot offer bundled pricing unless the party has booked through our sales department.

Can I bring outside food?
You can bring store bought cake or cupcakes only. We do not have the ability to store cakes in our fridge. No other outside food or beverages are allowed inside.

How do I secure a date and time for my party?
To secure a spot for your party you will need to make a $50.00 deposit in-person or over the phone.

When do I get my attraction passes/arcade cards and bill for my party?
A birthday coordinator/event coordinator will present you with your bill and attraction passes/ game cards about an hour into your party.

Can I pay more than the $50.00 deposit or pay my entire bill before the date of my party?
We only ask for a $50.00 deposit prior to your party and the rest can be paid on the day of your party or event.

Where can my group sit after my time in my party room/bay?
Additional seating is located near our go-karts. Your group may take up to two tables at a time.

What do I use the tickets for that I receive when purchasing a party package?
Tickets that are loaded onto the game card for the birthday person or that are won while playing a game can be used in our Nonstop Prizes area to purchase any type of prize ranging from candy and plush toys to beats headphones.

Where can I view the birthday party packages?
You can view those here.

What is the difference between a party room and a party bay?
A party room is a private room with a door and window. A party bay is an open-air space with pony walls enclosing the area and an entry/exit space.


How can I apply for a position?
You will want to fill out an application under the careers section of our website. You can view that here.

How do I follow up on my application?
It can take up to 7 business days for your application to be reviewed by our recruiters. If after the 7 day mark you have not received any communication you may follow up by sending a note to We are always looking for great candidates to join our team.

New Business

I have a suggestion for a new location! Who do I contact?
Please send us an email at and we will pass along the information to our real estate team.

I would like to become a franchisee. Where do I go?
We are not currently looking for franchisees, but you can email us at and we will pass along your information to our executive team.


How do I get a donation for my local charity or school raffle?
If you are location for a donation for your school, girl scout troop, or any other event please email the tax ID number for your organization, the date by when you need the raffle item and any other pertinent information to:


Can I ask for any monetary donations?
**For any monetary donations. Please contact Again, we will need your the organization’s name, tax ID number for the organization and any other pertinent information in order to be considered.