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Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and make your escape? When you enter into our interactive escape rooms, you will be fully immersed into a puzzling scenario, and it’s your job to find your way out in 60 minutes or less (25 minutes for the children’s room). You and your team must find all the clues, props, and puzzles that will trigger your escape, but it can’t be done without communication and problem-solving skills!




The Outbreak:


There has been a virus outbreak that is spreading throughout the world! The source has been traced to this abandoned chemical plant. Once you enter you will have 55 minutes to find the cure, escape uninfected and save the world!

The Bank Job:


A priceless heirloom has been stolen and is being kept in the vault of a bank run by a crooked general manager. You must come together as secret agents, and retrieve the heirloom without setting off the alarms or letting the manager know that you’re onto him. You only have 45 mins to complete your mission.


The Magician’s Workshop:


A spell has escaped from the magician’s workshop and is draining the well of magic. You only have 25 minutes to figure out the spell that escaped and help the workshop owner put it into the “spell deactivation machine.” Good luck witches and wizards!

Safety Guidelines

  • Completed Allegiant nonstop liability waiver is required.
  • Children under 10 years old and younger are welcome to try our escape room for kids.
  • Players are required to comply with all rules and follow the instructions of our staff members.
  • All rooms are used at your own risk.
  • Your safety is very important, if you panic each room has an emergency exit and this will immediately end the game.


Get your waiver signed before you come in!