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Climbing Wall

See if you’ve got what it takes to make it to the top of our very own Mount Everest! The climbing wall stands tall at 21 feet, with unlimited paths that range from beginner, to difficult. With its 360-degree design, up to 6 people can climb at one time, perfect for birthday parties, or family outings! Each climber is strapped into their own harness attached to a belay, and the surrounding floor is padded for extra protection.

Safety Guidelines

  • Completed Allegiant nonstop liability waiver is required.
  • Always attach yourself to an auto-belay station before climbing.
  • The auto-belay min weight is 22lbs and the max weight is 330lbs.
  • Child harness is recommended for children from 5 to 10 years old and should not exceed 85lbs.
  • Failure to hook up your harness to your line will result in violators being escorted off the premises without a refund.
  • Please do not climb sideways or to heights you are uncomfortable with.
  • Make certain the carabiner gate is facing away from your body while attached.
  • Make certain the carabiner is locked before climbing.
  • When descending, keep your feet forward, and your body/head leaning back away from the wall.
  • Do not release the auto-belay rope until it is attached to your harness or the wall.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and rings removed prior to climbing.
  • Failure to follow safety instructions can result in serious injury or death.
  • Actions deemed unsafe by staff will result in violators being escorted off the premises without a refund.
  • Please consult our staff with any questions or confusion regarding these rules.
  • Warning – Please do not use if any of the following applies to you:
    • Expecting mother
    • Neck Problems
    • Back Problems
    • Heart Problems
    • Recent Surgery
    • Fresh Stitches
    • Or any history of physical conditions that may be aggravated by this attraction


Get your waiver signed before you come in!